Rachel Brumberger, Director, Co-owner, Third Space Wellness

Rachel has been singing since she transformed her fisher-price xylophone mallet into a microphone in her early toddlerhood years. She grew up studying music, loving it and appreciating the myriad of important life skills she learned by participating in music programs. 

Danielle Cho, Treasurer, Co-founder, Sound Impact

Danielle likes a good jam session, and she’s willing to rack up frequent flyer miles in pursuit of a righteous vibe.  Though her performances span the globe like a good travel blog, this advocate and teacher is equally at home among her students.

Rebecca Jackson, President, Co-founder, Sound Impact

Rebecca's first musical memories are of her Korean grandmother singing traditional folk melodies and her American grandfather strumming his guitar. She started on the cello but at the age of 5 she begged her mom to switch so she could stand and play. She's been violin-ing ever since.

Tiffany Richardson, Secretary, Co-founder, Sound Impact

A healthy musical curiosity from a very young age prompted 7 year old Tiffany to trade household chores for piano lessons. This experience whetted her appetite for a life filled with music. Coupled with her drive to give back, musical passion has shaped her career and pursuits.

Michael Sapienza, Director, CEO, Colon Cancer Alliance

Michael Sapienza grew up in a musical family. His mom a pianist, and his dad making his way through college as a jazz accordion player. Michael started the trumpet at age 10, and performed all over the world by the time he was 30. Today Michael is the CEO of the Colon Cancer Alliance.