A Giving Campaign Supporting Sound Impact

First, thank you to all of our loyal supporters for your donations and pledges.  Your support empowers us to touch so many people and places with the inspiring powers of live musical performances and education.  We have planned our 2017 - 2018 season and have lined up a series of events and performances that will continue to inspire and ignite change in under served and under represented communities.  Our year is full of residencies at various correctional facilities, where we have first hand seen the positive impact that musical exposure has on young people.  In addition, we will work with and teach classes for school children in Costa Rica for the 4th year in a row.  Our Costa Rica tour has grown in popularity amongst the organizations and people we have touched over the years, and we look forward to our program this season!

This season we introduce our new Cultural Ambassador Series this season, featuring performances at the incredible cultural institutions throughout the Washington DC region.

All of this is simply impossible without your continued support in the form of either one time donations or a yearly pledge.  Our Summer Impact campaign to fund our upcoming season seeks to raise $20,000 by August 15, 2017.  We encourage you to support our cause so that we may continue to shed the light of music, performance, and education on those that need it the most.  Thank you again to all of our supporters!