Project Costa Rica 2014

Watch video highlights from our ten day tour to Costa Rica, where we presented masterclasses in SINEM schools all across the country


"Haim" by Polina Nazaykinskaya

"Haim" was commissioned by Rebecca Jackson in 2012 and is inspired by the life story of David Arben. He was the sole survivor of his family during the Holocaust and rose to become the Associate Concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra. "Haim" has impacted audiences immensely each time it has been performed.

Ashley William Smith, clarinet; Rebecca Jackson, violin; Jae Young Cosmos Lee, violin; Tiffany Richardson, viola; Danielle Cho, cello; Konstantin Soukhovetski, piano


Brahms String Quartet No. 2 , op. 51Allegro non troppo

Jae Young Cosmos Lee, violin; Rebecca Jackson, violin;Tiffany Richardson, viola; Danielle Cho, cello